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EdgeWise Publishing is dedicated to bringing new voices and visions into the world to share our collective wisdom and experience. With the revolution in digital media and self publishing, we have the power to spread the word beyond Gutenberg’s wildest dreams! Never has there been a better time for aspiring authors to publish a book.

We specialize in serving new and established authors in the transformational field: thought leaders, teachers, life coaches, healing practitioners, conscious entrepreneurs, novelists, artists, designers – authors whose knowledge and insight can change people’s lives in wonderful ways.

EdgeWise Publishing provides start-to-finish support to guarantee every author a high-quality book that’s distinctive and original. Whether you’re looking for a master editor to polish your latest opus, or a trustworthy guide to help you map out your first book, or you want personal coaching to break through to a whole new level as a writer, you’ve come to the right place.

“I was lucky to have been referred to Kendra. She was a godsend, helping me to take my scattered life story and turn it into what I hope is now a compelling and creative literary gem! Kendra’s encouragement of my talent as a writer helped me to accept myself as worthy of being read. She also greatly helped me to rearrange and polish up my living room (my book) in an effort to make the reading experience more enjoyable. Without hesitation I recommend Kendra to anyone embarking on or looking to enhance their writing career. Not only did she make me a better writer, I am delighted to say that I made a new friend along the way.”

Lindsay Wincherauk, author of Driving in Reverse—The Life I Almost Missed

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