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Books do change lives. Never underestimate the power of a book to rock someone’s world and make them see and experience life as never before.

It has been a privilege to work with the many wonderful authors who’ve called on me since I first launched my editing business. I left the academic world in 2011 to reinvent myself as a “transformational” book doctor and pursue a deeper calling. My career shift at the time was inspired by the visionary work of the late Barbara Marx Hubbard and other global new thought leaders and spiritual teachers dedicated to societal change. Today, more than ever, we need the fresh perspective, insights, courage, and hope that books can inspire in us. I am grateful to participate in the meaningful work that is slowly but surely transforming our world.

Now in my second decade as a “New Age” editor, I serve mainly first-time authors, including non-native English writers. Books with a powerful heartfelt message resonate with me, whether in a memoir, a novel, or a self-development guide. The inspiring stories of the late bloomers and baby boomers I mostly cater to confirm the “older but wiser” adage. Many of my clients are life coaches, healing practitioners, or spiritual teachers who decided to write a book to share their wisdom and offer expert guidance. Publishing a book enables authors to reach a wide audience and opens the door to exciting professional opportunities.

Kendra Laneteig

Kendra Langeteig, PhD, founder of EdgeWise Publishing

Besides wearing the editor’s hat at EdgeWise, I serve as a publishing consultant to help authors evaluate the best route for their books in the wild west of 21st-century publishing. I also offer online coaching sessions for aspiring writers. I am committed to bringing out the greatest potential in every book and author and charged with a mission to get many new voices heard.

Kendra Langeteig received a PhD in English Literature from Indiana University, where she worked on the leading edge of critical theory and won fellowships for her study of breakthrough American literature. Kendra taught literature and writing courses to many hundreds of students during her academic career. She served as a Visiting and Associate Faculty member in the Department of English at Indiana University and taught in the Writing Program at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Kendra received an MA in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire, and an MS in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin.

Kendra’s publishing experience includes literary essays, articles in lifestyle magazines, a book on contemporary design, The New Asian Home (Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2008), and an edited collection of stories by various authors: Everyday Miracles: Moments of Healing and Transformation (Quiet Fire Press, 2016). To learn more about Kendra’s books.

Books by Kendra Langeteig
The New Asian Home (Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2008). First edition print copies sold out. Limited number of signed hardcover copies available from the author upon request. E-book version available at

Learn more about Kendra’s book.

new asian home by kendra langeteig

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