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Publishing Consultation

Today’s commercial publishing market is highly competitive, and it takes serious mojo for authors – especially first-time authors – to get past the gatekeepers at traditional houses. Making sure that your book manuscript is airtight and squeaky clean gives you a good head start. I also can support you in the following ways:

Prepare/co-write your proposal materials: query letter, book synopsis, bio, publicity platform.
Help you to prepare your book for self-publishing at Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP), IngramSpark, BookBaby, or other reputable print-on-demand (POD) companies.

As a published author and book doctor, I understand what it takes to get a book published and launched in the world. I can help you to evaluate how your book would line up in today’s market and give you strategies for pitching and promoting your book. Trade publishing may be worth a shot, but it’s a competitive environment. To fill the gap, there is a burgeoning industry of self-publishing companies.

Free 30 Minute Author Consultation

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