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My Work

David Alan King, David the Beloved: Journey to Find My Lost Heart (Jenny Lake Publishing, 2022).

Rich Flanders, Under the Great Elm: A Life of Luck and Wonder (March 2022). [](

Kelly Van Zandt, Powerful Postpartum: Exploring the Spiritual Significance of Early Motherhood (Independently Published, 2021). [](

Lauren Sleeman, Behold, novel (Chiron Publishers, September 2021). [](

Patty Paul, Exploring Other Lifetimes: Memoir of a Soul’s Journey (IMdex Publishing, 2021).  [](

Taylor Dinney, Freeing Your Inner Warrior: A Self-Discovery Guide (Taylor Dinney, 2021).

Sandra Cavallo, Mountains Have Ears: Speak to Them (March 9, 2022, Book Baby).

Robin H. Lysne, The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood, novel (Blue Bone Books, November 2021).

Lynn Lok-Payne, Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up! Practical Tools for Personal Transformation (WellMinded Media, 2021). [](

Bob Schober, Uncorking a Wonderful Life: My Path from Drunk to Sober (Independently Published, 2021).

Robin H. Lysne, The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood, novel (Blue Bone Books, November 2021). [](

Donna Fridrych, Women Must Save the World! A Call to Action (Alouette Enterprises, 2020).  [](

Susan Marie Kelley, Susan’s Mystical Adventures: Coming Home to Your Light (As You Wish Publishing, 2020).

Sapphire Walters, Sapphire’s Soul Tools: A Beginners Guide to Spiritual Living (Independently published, 2020).

Beth Mund and Berit Stover, Living Beyond Fear: Sacred Letters from the Afterlife (Creating Abundance Project, September 2019).

Lauren Sleeman, Behold, novel (Chiron Publishers, September 2021).

David P. Olson, Repairing America’s Democracy: A Proposed Constitutional Amendment (David P. Olson, 2019).

Amanda Ellis, The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle (Red Feather, July 2019).

Ken Kookjoo Choi, Return to the Motherland: My Journey to Find the Truth (EdgeWise Publishing, July 2019).

Cecilia Storhaug, Capri Diem, Love and Death on Capri (Independently Published, February 2019).

Ginny Marshall-Frye, Going for a Ride: A Journey to the Heart’s Calling (Independently Published, 2018).

Will Irons, The Possibilities of Oneness: Doorways to Life’s Deeper Meaning, Wonder, and Joy (Wisdom Wellspring Publishing, 2018).

Tom Woodgerd, Bridge Island Journey (Independently Published, 2018).

Gerald Gould, Martin, A Metaphysical Mystery (Independently Published, December 2018).

Dr. Lynn Latifah Hobin, Alchemy of Awakening – Poems and Conversations (Independently Published, 2017).

Sanders Joseph, An Invitation to the Dance of Life: A Channeled Tale of Growth and Awakening (Independently Published, 2017).

Lindsay Wincherauk, Driving in Reverse: The Life I Almost Missed (Austin Macauley Publishers, 2017).

Kendra Langeteig, ed., Everyday Miracles – Moments of Healing and Transformation (stories by 43 contributors; Quiet Fire Press, 2016).

Robert K. Hall, This Old Building – A Guide to Buying, Restoring, and Managing Historic Commercial Property (Robert K. Hall, 2016).

Anthony Ecclesiastes, Seven Scriptures to Success (Ecclesiastes Publishing, 2015).

Leslie Fierling, Say Yes to Saying No! – Set Your Boundaries for Success (Influence Publishing, 2013).

Kym Rowell, Inmate Correspondence: Halfway Through 100 Proof (memoir).

Chris Kroll, Winds of Truth (novella).

Lauren Altman, Coping Creatively: 30 Exercises to Transform Difficult Emotions Through Art. [](

Srijana, Buddha Speaks: Channelled  Conversations with the Master (agent contract).

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