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“I’m a first-time book writer who needed a top-flight editor to clear up grammar with suggestions to help the pages sing. I found such an editor in Kendra, whose professional attention to detail, pungent critique and pleasant attitude blessed the text and made the whole experience enjoyable.”

—Bob Schober, author of Uncorking a Wonderful Life: My Path from Drunk to Sober

“I was lucky to have been referred to Kendra. She was a godsend, helping me to take my scattered life story and turn it into what I hope is now a compelling and creative literary gem! Kendra’s encouragement of my talent as a writer helped me to accept myself as worthy of being read. She also greatly helped me to rearrange and polish up my living room (my book) in an effort to make the reading experience more enjoyable. Without hesitation I recommend Kendra to anyone embarking on or looking to enhance their writing career. Not only did she make me a better writer, I am delighted to say that I made a new friend along the way.”

Lindsay Wincherauk, author of Driving in Reverse—The Life I Almost Missed

“Kendra Langeteig’s rare combination of academic training, developmental and copyediting skills, and personal spiritual experience perfectly position her to support spiritual and self-help authors. Skilled in deep listening and thoughtful commentary, she is the perfect guide and facilitator for authors seeking the right words and structures for getting their messages out into the world.”

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, author of Amazon Best Seller, Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World

“Kendra worked many hours editing my book in order to meet my deadline with my publisher. She was always patient with the process and an extremely dedicated worker. Kendra took my message and helped deliver it with poise and finesse. Thanks to Kendra, the book was published on time and with the polished touch that I really needed to have on it. I highly recommend Kendra for editing of any kind.”

—Leslie Fierling, author of Say Yes to Saying No! – Set Your Boundaries for Success

“When you find the right editor, your gut knows it. That was my experience with Kendra. Her editing of my first novel was exactly what was needed, from punctuation to discerning what glitches were in the storyline. Her suggestions made my lump of coal into a diamond. Her sharp eye and attention to detail was exactly what I needed. Now I have a contract with an agent who is sure that a publisher will be forthcoming. Thank you, Kendra!”

—Robin Lysne, author of five books, including Randine, Letters to a Midwife

“Kendra polished my manuscript and made it sparkle! I really enjoyed working with Kendra. She provided suggestions and edits that went well beyond spelling and grammar. She really took the time to understand my book and its message. I would highly recommend her services to all aspiring authors.”

—Sanders Joseph, author of An Invitation to the Dance of Life: A Channeled Tale of Growth and Awakening.

“As a novelist, you may have prepared a painstaking outline with pages of characterization, details of place, action, storyline, but if it doesn’t get to the page for a reader to know what is happening, the reader is lost. Kendra asked a lot of questions to have me consider what I had written, what I wanted to say, not that I was wrong, just how I could say it better. With her guidance, and my trust in the universe that this was all to be, I feel I ended up with a novel that is far better than I could have written by myself that I hope will be an inspiration to many. I am truly grateful for all she did to assist me in moving my novel to a higher level. I unhesitatingly give Kendra my highest recommendation and end by saying that you really can’t go wrong with her, and be prepared to work harder than you may have imagined. But it will be worth it.”

—Richard Bisbee, author of Tilenika, Legend of Deo

“Kendra, I just cannot thank you enough. This is EXACTLY what I need. I finally have hope that I can make this story what I truly wanted it to be…Your work is incredible, worth more than the money. Thank you so much!”

—Jennifer Kelly, author of The Lower the Tide, the Warmer the Water

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