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The New Asian Home

new asian home by kendra langeteigThe New Asian Home by Kendra Langeteig

The New Asian Home (Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2008) profiles twenty-three contemporary American homes inspired by the ancient architectural traditions of Asia.

Featuring work from notable designers and woodworkers: Cutler Anderson, Miller/Hull, George Nakashima, Len Brackett, Paul Discoe, Hiroshi Sakaguchi, Phil Beck, Bennett Bean, Carey Smoot, Tony Gwilliam, Tom Bender, Maya Lin, Shigeru Ban, Tommy Hein, Michael Fuller, Andrea Jovine, Peacock & Lewis, and Joseph Lancor.

Editorial Reviews
This lavishly illustrated book features homes located throughout the United States, including Hawaii, “that represent some of the most interesting and important examples of Asian influence in the new ecology of American home design.” Color photographs depict a variety of home styles, from classic interpretations of Japanese domestic architecture to Balinese pavilions.

For each of the 23 structures, design writer Langeteig describes the inhabitants’ lifestyles and the aesthetic sense that made the choice of an Asian style so appealing. How the designers and architects incorporated these influences is also discussed. Included is Melody Woods III, which is completely furnished with acclaimed Japanese American woodworker George Nakashima’s work. Recommended for large interior design collections. (Library Journal)

Excerpt from The New Asian Home:
“Environmental design begins with a deep respect for nature along with recognition of our connection with the places where we build our homes. Responding effectively to the land requires an understanding of context – topography, climate, and region – to develop a design that expresses meaningful connection. And it takes an experienced practitioner to design a building that resonates with its environment while also answering the needs and desires of the client.”

New Asian Home book by Kendra Langeteig

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